Essentials for Camper Travel

Campers have always been a popular option for rural vacations with family, and they’re getting even more to see this year as the ongoing pandemic has led to people choosing private accomodations for themselves and their families.

If you are planning to head out in a camper and you’re a beginner with these portable living quarters, there are some things that you should take with you. Here are three to keep in mind!

Warm Blankets

Unless you’re going to be traveling to a warm place in the middle of the summer, you are going to want some warm blankets in your camper to ensure that you’re comfortable and cozy all night long. You won’t have normal heating in your camper and blankets are a great option for staying warm.

Insulated Cooler

Keeping your refrigerated foods and perishables cold in your camper is a must if you don’t want things to spoil. A great way to do this without needing an electrical hookup is by using an insulated cooler, which keeps things that need to be chilled cold when using ice.

First Aid Kit

You never know when a cut, scrape, or minor injury might happen, so it’s important to have a first aid kit in your camper in order to take care of bumps and bruises. You won’t want to be caught needing to leave to go to a store to pick up bandages or hydrogen peroxide, so it’s better to just keep one of these kits with you!