Don’t Miss These National Parks in Ethiopia

Bale Mountains National Park. Photo by hecke06/Depositphotos

Ethiopia is definitely one of the most fascinating countries in all of Africa. Located at the divergence point of two tectonic plates, the Nubian and the Somai Plates, this country of 105 million people has a rich natural wealth in addition to its incredible history and cultural traits.

If you are looking to escape to nature during your Ethiopian vacation, you should keep these stunning national parks in mind.

Simien Mountains National Park

Ethiopia is a very mountainous country, and one of the most spectacular mountainous regions can be found in this park in northern Ethiopia. The gelada baboon, which only lives in this rocky and craggy area, can often be found roaming freely near hiking trails and represents the natural diversity found in the Simien Mountains.

Bale Mountains National Park

Another mountainous national park that you should definitely check out in Ethiopia is the Bale Mountains. The craggy, volcanic mountains of the park contrast sharply with the Sanetti Plateau which has been flattened by glaciers. Large mammals such as the Ethiopian wolf abound in this area.

Nechisar National Park

An arid plain dominates the Nechisar National Park, which is sandwiched between Abaya Lake and Chamo Lake. Crocodiles can be found in Chamo Lake’s placid waters, whereas animals such as zebras dominate the dry landscape between the lakes in this natural protected area.

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