Don’t Miss Out on These Beautiful Parks in Athens, Greece

Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Acropolis, Athens, Greece, Photo by Constantinos Kollias on Unsplash

Most tourists think that visiting Athens, Greece is all about visiting museums, ruins, and architectural sites before indulging in some gyros. And you should totally follow this pattern with one notable difference: add Athens’ parks to the list. Athens has a number of beautiful parks and gardens that are well worth your time and will provide you with a deserved rest from all those ancient sights.

The National Garden

Even if you are not a fan of parks and green spaces, you will want to check out the National Garden. The park is located in the center of Athens and covers 38 acres of area that features flowers, trees, bushes, ponds, and monuments. You’ll also be able to discover various ruins, mostly from the Roman period.

Syngrou Estate

Syngrou Estate is often considered the hidden gem of Athens parks. Donated to the Greek Agricultural Society by Ifigenia Mavrokordatou—Syngrou, the area has 700 acres of forest with pines and cypress trees as well as various other flora, including meadows and orchids. This is one of the favorite escape spots for locals as it offers numerous opportunities for recreation, including 75 hiking trails.

Botanical Garden Diomedes

Botanical Garden Diomedes is one of Athens’ must-see tourist attractions. It is home to more than 500 species of flora, including most of the flowers and plants you know from Greek mythology. It also houses a herbarium with close to 20,000 dried plant samples.