Don’t Make These Mistakes On Your First Trip to Italy

Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy.
Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy. Photo by Dan Novac on Unsplash

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with so much to offer to tourists—countless historical sites, wonderful nature, and delicious food. But if you’re visiting Italy for the first time, you should definitely do some research in order to learn more about this country and its customs. Read on to find out a few common travel mistakes you should avoid in Italy.

Skip Pastry For Breakfast

Forget about your usual breakfast foods like toast, eggs, or oatmeal when in Italy. Traditional Italian breakfast consists of sweet pastry and coffee, which can be unusual for people who are used to eating savory breakfast, but it’s super delicious so don’t miss out!

Ordering Tap Water

Italians don’t drink tap water at restaurants, and if you try to order tap water you’ll likely be refused or met with a dirty look, so it’s always safer to order bottled water.

Not Knowing Coffee Culture

Drinking coffee is a ritual in Italy and there are a few rules you should be familiar with before you order coffee in this country. For example, Italians will drink their espresso at a bar but they will never sit at a table to do this. If you drink espresso sitting down you’ll likely be charged more for it