Don’t Leave Sri Lanka Without Sampling These Delicacies

Tasty fish curry
Tasty fish curry. Photo by khloe arledge on Unsplash

The Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka is an acclaimed destination due to its variety of beaches, natural attractions, and tropical weather. What you might not know about it, however, is that it also holds a fantastic culinary tradition and a number of tasty dishes that you should try. Here are three things you shouldn’t skip trying on your next trip to Sri Lanka!

Egg Hoppers

One of Sri Lanka’s most iconic dishes is the egg hopper, a small, thin pancake-like crust which contains a fried egg. As strange as it might look at sound, this dish, made with coconut milk and rice flour, is the perfect mixture of savory and sweet.

Pol Sambol

Coconuts can be found everywhere on this island, and its widespread availability is shown off with this dish. Made spicy with chili peppers and flavored with red onions, you’ll find pol sambol served as a side dish alongside many other classic dishes.

Fish Curry

It’s impossible to visit Sri Lanka without having some curry. The most popular way that it is consumed on the island is in a preparation with fish, which is generally spicy and served with sides like rice and pol sambol.