Discover These Up and Coming Southern Music Cities Before Everyone Else Does!

You might think New York and L.A. are the only places where music thrives, but watch out because these southern cities are taking over!

Durham, North Carolina

Durham for the last few years has really boomed in the music scenes. There are tons of record labels that are opening up, lots of agents moving from New York to Durham, and a lot of worthwhile bands to listen to. One of the most famous Durham-based bands right now is Sylvan Esso, and there is much more than just that to explore.

Asheville, North Carolina

Another North Carolina city, Asheville is also a great place to check out new music. There are tons of small and larger venues in the small city, and people are flocking there because of the beautiful mountainous surrounding alongside an awesome downtown scene. Singers like Angel Olsen are based on Asheville, and there is always music happening wherever you go.

Athens, Georgia

Home of the University of Georgia, people don’t realize how many bands have formed here and gotten their start. Everyone from the B-52s to R.E.M and Neutral Milk Hotel has come out of Athens, so if you want to find the next big thing, it might just be in a little college town in Georgia.