Did You Know That You Can Rent These Private U.S. Islands for Cheap?

Minnesota. Image by mktree7/Depositphotos

Renting a private island for a vacation sounds beyond luxurious, and yet there are some places that you can rent for an incredibly low price if you know where to look. These three islands are just some of them.

Monmouth, Maine

If you were looking for a small wooden house, hammock, and a canoe to enjoy on the water, this is the location for you. For $175 per night, you can get a private ferry ride for all guests and spend a day exploring the small island before you cook dinner and enjoy a campfire.

Juggler Lake, Minnesota

If your dream has always been to hike on a private island but your budget is tight, start planning your trip to Juggler Lake where you can stay for $349 per night.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Compared to the previous two, a night on Hilton Head seems expensive at $464 per night, but for a private island, it’s incredibly cheap. It provides everything you need to escape from real-world problems.