Crater Lakes of the Philippines Will Take Your Breath Away

Visit the incredible Phillipines
Photo by Alva Pratt on Unsplash

Most people visiting the Philippines are there to enjoy its beautiful beaches on the Pacific shores, but this is not the only natural wonder that this archipelago has to offer. Volcanic and tectonic activity transformed it into a true natural marvel, with several lakes located inside the leftovers of the volcanic craters.

Lake Pinatubo

Some of the lakes in the Philippines have been around for thousands of years, but not this one. What makes Lake Pinatubo so unique is the fact it was actually formed by an eruption that took place in 1991 and led to the formation of one of the most stunning crater lakes near Manila.

Taal Lake

The eruption that led to the formation of this lake took place between 100,000 and 500,000 years ago, and its consequences are still largely felt. Taal Lake is still around to tell its tale, and it’s one of the Philippines’ most popular lakes despite its proximity to the country’s second-most active volcano.

Lake Maughan

Lake Maughan is located on the shores of Mindanao island, and it was formed during the eruption of a stratovolcano known as Mount Melibengoy. What makes it so interesting is that this volcano only had three recorded eruptions, and one of them left us with this marvelous lake.