Check Out These Fascinating Transcontinental Cities

Istanbul, Turkey
Photo by Anna on Unsplash

Cities that straddle two continents are a rarity on planet Earth. Some continents, such as Antarctica and Oceania, simply don’t share practical borders with other continents, while others are uninhabited and not fit for human settlement. There are, however, some notable exceptions. These three curious cities are located on the convergence of two continents, making them a group of truly unique destinations.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul straddles the Bosporus Strait, which separates the European and Asian continents. A substantial portion of the city is located on either side of the strait, meaning that the blend between Asia and Europe in Turkey’s biggest city couldn’t be any stronger and more authentic.

Suez, Egypt

Have you heard of the Suez Canal before? This artificial body of water, which separates Asia from Africa, is right next to its namesake city. The canal itself is a major attraction of this two-continent city, with other highlights including the Suez National Museum.

Orenburg, Russia

Located near the Russian border with Kazakhstan is the city of Orenburg, a city that falls right on the border between Europe and Asia. Deep into Russia’s heartland, this city is separated by the Ural River, which marks the continental division.