Cenote Suytun is One of Yucatán’s Most Breathtaking Spots

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is home to many natural pits known as cenotes, but none of them compares to Cenote Suytun. This natural wonder became one of Yucatán’s most Instagrammable spots, and it definitely deserves the attention it’s getting.

Cenote Suytun is located two hours away from both Cancún and Mérida, and it’s one of the places you should add to your bucket list if you’re planning a road trip around Mexico. It’s not the only beautiful cenote in Yucatán, but it’s becoming increasingly popular with tourists thanks to countless breathtaking photos circulating online.

What makes Suytun so picture-perfect is the symmetrical stone pier leading to its center. To make the whole thing even better, if you’re there at the perfect time, a ray of light from the hole in the ceiling beam will shine upon you.

Most people visit Cenote Suytun to admire its beauty and take pictures, but these are not the only activities it has in store. You can also swim and snorkel, but diving is not allowed since the cenote isn’t deep enough for this activity.