Can’t Travel? Why not Start Working from Hotels?

Photo by Yayaq Destination on Unsplash

Many of us had to start working from home this year, and while some people love it, others miss the office and working together with other people. As we got a bit more relaxed about the pandemic, a new trend emerged—traveling and working from hotels.

People have found a perfect opportunity for traveling without using vacation days. Now that we’re not obligated to go to the office, nothing prevents us from booking a few days in a fancy hotel and enjoy the change of environment, amenities like pool and gym, and not having to think about food and cleaning. Going to a hotel in another city is also a great idea. It allows you to work in the morning and go explore the city in the afternoon.

This may be the perfect time to try out this new lifestyle opportunity. Hotel lobbies are always nice and you can spend hours there doing your job and having your favorite drink. If you need privacy, you can go to your room and be sure nobody will disturb you. Pick a room with an amazing view if you want to experience having “an office with a view”.