Café Cancan: Toronto’s Picture Perfect, Pastel Hued Oasis

Toronto is one of the cities everyone should visit during their trip to Canada, but what if you want to sit back and relax in a cozy pastel-colored café after a long day of exploring this city? Café Cancan is just the place for you and it’s easy to find it since it’s located a few minutes away from Queen’s Park.

This retro café owes its name to high-energy dance, which has been a staple of the French cabaret scene for over a century. Lively energy at this restaurant perfectly mimics the dynamic vibe of the dance it was named after, but their take on French bistro staples will impress you even more.

Café Cancan is one of Toronto’s most Instagrammable brunch spots and its menu includes everything from ratatouille to smoked salmon. Making a reservation in advance is always a good idea, but they also have a lot of bar stools available for walk-in guests.

One thing that’s might be even more impressive than the menu of this café is its pastel-hued interior. It’s impossible not to fall in love with luminescent, power pink details – and take dozens of amazing photos along the way.