Buenos Aires’ Top Soccer Stadiums are a Must-Visit

La Monumental", Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo by LucasVphotos on Unsplash

For those who love the beautiful game, there are plenty of countries and cities that can be visited in order to have a fantastic football experience. From London’s five top-flight teams and stadiums to Mexico’s gargantuan Estadio Azteca, football-themed sites and trips are not in short supply.

Perhaps the most underrated soccer-centric destination on Earth is Argentina’s capital of Buenos Aires. Passion for the sport is overwhelming here, with nearly all of the city’s residents supporting one of the several local clubs. If you plan a trip to Buenos Aires, be sure to stop at these stadiums.

La Bombonera

Buenos Aires’ La Boca district is the home of La Bombonera, the curiously-shaped and legendary stadium of one of the two biggest clubs in the city, Boca Juniors. 49,000 fans pack the stadium every Sunday to cheer on their team.

El Monumental

The other huge club in Buenos Aires, River Plate, plays its games at El Monumental, the largest stadium in Argentina with a capacity of over 70,000. Red and black dominate the color panel at this unforgettable place on soccer weekends throughout the year.

El Cilindro

While Boca and River might be the two most well-known teams in Buenos Aires, Racing Club plays at El Cilindro, a massive cylinder-shaped stadium into which up to 61,000 fans pack to cheer on one of the country’s most successful and well-known clubs.