Best Ways to Explore Oslo, Norway on a Budget

Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway. Photo by Christoffer Engström on Unsplash

As soon as you enter Scandinavia, your wallet and bank account will start to weep. It’s no different with Norway’s capital Oslo, where everyone seems like it’s on a mission to overcharge you for things. But despite this, there are still ways you can experience and explore this wonderful city on a budget.

Take a Free Walking Tour

There are plenty of organizations and individuals offering free walking tours of Oslo. You will get to meet the city through the eyes of a local and see its most famous tourist attractions without spending a dime. Tipping your guide is encouraged, but you are not required to if your budget is really tight.   

Hunt for Free or Inexpensive Tourist Attractions

Paying for tickets and admission fees can cause quite a strain on your budget. Avoid this by hunting for free or inexpensive tourist attractions. Luckily, there are plenty of those around Oslo, including museums offering free or discount entry, parks with public art displays, and more.

Enjoy Free Events

Instead of paying high prices for drinks at bars and nightclubs, take part in Oslo’s free events like concerts and other public performances. Culture is quite important in Oslo, so the city makes an effort to host a variety of cultural events, usually free to attend, throughout the year.

Get Creative With Your Meals

Dining out can be a road to financial ruin when in Oslo. However, you can still find some affordable meals if you get creative. Look for spots outside the city center, street food vendors, or head to Mathallen, Oslo’s famous food court that feature more than 30 vendors.