The Best Tea Gardens in Istanbul

Image via Pixabay

The tradition of tea drinking is an important part of Turkish culture. For centuries, tea has been the most commonly consumed hot drink in Turkey. It is served in a small tulip shaped glass on a small saucer and it should be crystal clear, deep mahogany color. You can add sugar cubes to your hot drink but milk is a huge no-no.

It can be drunk anywhere and anytime. However, in bigger cities like Istanbul, people often meet in tea gardens, where the ritual of tea drinking is done. We present to you the most popular tea gardens in Turkey’s capital.

Bebek Kahve

Bebek Kahve is one of Istanbul’s epic locations where you can enjoy the beautiful Bosphorus while drinking your Turkish black tea. Not only the drinks or the beautiful view will amaze you, but the delicious food menu, as well.

Çengelköy Çinaraltı

Open 24/7 this tea garden, also located on the bank of the river Bosphorus, is undoubtedly famous as the set for many Turkish soap operas. Who knows, maybe you will get lucky and have a cup of tea with your favorite Turkish actor or actress.

Pierre Loti

The Pierre Loti tea garden offers the most beautiful panoramic view of Istanbul. This historic place was named after a French novelist and sailor Louis Marie Julien Viaud, known for his pseudonym Pierre Loti. Every time he came to Istanbul, he would sit on the hill, drunk his Turkish coffee and enjoyed the picturesque view of the capital, in which he was madly in love.