Best Hiking Trails in Finnish Lapland

Lake Kilpisjarvi and surrounding area. Kilpisjarvi, Finnish Lapland. Image by ale_rizzo/Depositphotos

Finnish Lapland is home to some of the most stunning scenery and most satisfying hiking trails in northern Europe. Enjoy panoramic skies and rugged rock formations on these walking paths that will leave you feeling at one with the majesty of nature.


On top of this unique fell there are huge rock formations called “tors” for you to enjoy along with spectacular views for miles in every direction. Make sure to stick to the marked trail, because the hike is located in a Strict Nature Reserve.

Saana fell

Probably the best-known hike in Finland, the hike on this magnificent fell is 4 kilometers long. Once you reach the top, the view is a spectacular array of the curling rock formations for miles around. Make sure you check weather conditions before setting out on this hike as it can get slippery.

Isokuru gorge

This is a beautiful hike for the summer and autumn seasons. The wooden path leads through quaint ponds, beautiful waterfalls, and beautiful Lappish forests. Make sure you stay on the path because again the area is a protected natural zone. The trail is closed in winter because of the risk of avalanches.