Belgrade, Serbia is Home to Some Pretty Stunning Religious Buildings

Belgrade religious architecture
Karadordev Park, Belgrade, Serbia. Photo by Dušan Pokuševski on Unsplash

Most people coming to Belgrade are there to explore its nightlife and cultural scene, but the city’s architecture is also pretty stunning. The Serbian capital is home to some breathtaking religious buildings, and here are three you shouldn’t miss while exploring this city.

Saint Sava Temple

Built in the name of the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Saint Sava Temple is one of Belgrade’s most recognizable landmarks. It’s been around since 2004, and its Byzantine-inspired architecture and imposing dome are reminiscent of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. This temple will also take your breath away with its size since it’s one of the world’s largest Eastern Orthodox churches.

St. Mark’s Church

Located in close proximity to the Parliament of Serbia, this Serbo-Byzantine church was completed in 1940 and it’s instantly recognizable thanks to its red brick walls and the imposing bell tower.

Ruzica Church

You’ll discover many tiny wonders while exploring the grounds of the Belgrade Fortress, including this picture-perfect church. It’s best known for its beautiful façade covered in ivy, but the real magic starts once you step inside and discover its chandeliers made of weapons.