Avenue of Stars: Hong Kong’s Answer to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Photo by Unknown Wong on Unsplash

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of Los Angeles’ top tourist attractions, but did you know it’s not the only sidewalk dedicated to the world’s biggest movie stars? Hong Kong is home to a similar spot, called the Avenue of Stars.

Located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in the urban area of Tsim Sha Tsui, the promenade that’s home to the Avenue of Stars has been around since 1982. The avenue itself, however, was first introduced in 2004, and it now features handprints and plaques honoring Hong Kong’s biggest film stars.

One of the Avenue of Stars’ signature attractions is the 2.5-meter bronze statue of Bruce Lee, which’s been around since 2005. There’s an even bigger replica of the statuette given to winners at the Hong Kong Film Awards at the entrance, greeting visitors from all around the world.

Even if you’re not into taking photos of celebrity stars, this tourist attraction won’t leave you disappointed. The Avenue of Stars offers some of the most beautiful panoramic views across Victoria Harbour, and it’s one of the best places to watch the Symphony of Lights display.