America’s 3 Most Pet-Friendly Cities

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Many studies have been done to see which cities in America are most pet-friendly. Many factors have been taken into consideration including pet affordability, weather, dog-friendly businesses, number of veterinarians, and dog-friendly parks and trails. Whether you are looking for a vacation with your furry pet or looking for a new city, here are the 3 best:

1. Scottsdale, Arizona

The sunny weather plays a big role in making Scottsdale the #1 dog-friendly city in the USA, but the overall friendliness and mid-size city make it even nicer. Loaded with dog-friendly parks and trails, and plenty of vets, this city is number 1- just be careful of the hot pavement in the summer!

2. Orlando, Florida

Orlando hosts the yearly American Kennel’s Club national championship which brings the city some dog fame. Along with the good weather most of the year, Orlando is also tied for first with other cities for the most dog-friendly restaurants and vets per capita.

3. Austin, Texas

It’s no surprise that another sunny city rounds out the top 3, being that both dogs and owners are more willing to go out when the weather is good. Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in America and has many great parks and greenery to go along with being tied with Orlando for the most dog-friendly restaurants per capita.