Africa’s Top 5 National Parks and Safaris

Photo by Ron Dauphin on Unsplash

National parks are a major source of pride for the particular country that boasts them. Parks are a great way to allow citizens and tourists alike a place for leisure, exercise, and adventure to await them on their journeys either by foot, vehicle, or animal.

National parks in Africa belong to a category of their very own on account of the stunning and unique wildlife that’s native to their lands. Here’s a look at our roundup of the top 5 national parks in Africa that belong to its absolute best countries for taking a safari:

Masai Mara National Reserve (Kenya)

Considered to be the best game park in the world; home to East Africa’s “Great Migration,” which includes the mass movement of zebras, gazelles, and other wild animals from July through October.

Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)

Home to some of the largest mammal populations on earth; home to the major “Wildebeest Migration” every December through July.

Kruger National Park (South Africa)

Boasts 145 mammal species, the most found in any of Africa’s game parks, plus nearly 500 species of birds.

Etosha National Park (Namibia)

Home of the continent’s tallest elephants; great for sightseeing animals at watering holes.

Chobe National Park (Botswana)

Visit from April through October for excellent game viewing.