Adrenaline Sports You Can Try In Dubai

Photo by David Rodrigo on Unsplash

Even though it doesn’t seem that way at first glimpse, Dubai is actually a very entertaining city with a lot of outdoor activities you can enjoy. There are several things you can do and satisfy the adrenaline junkie that lies within you.

Here are some of the fun stunts you can do in this city that sets all standards on a higher level.

Dubai Autodrome 

Here you have a chance to feel like Schumacher just for a day!

The circuit is 5.39 kilometers long and is a perfect place for races. You can choose from indoor and outdoor karting track and show your abilities in the grandstand that can fit up to 30 000 people.

Flyboarding, SeaRide Dubai 

Steven Dauliach, a jet ski world champion runs this place that gives you a chance to try hoverboard, Flyboard, and also – jet ski!

With hoverboards, you can get up to 35 feet off the water while if you go with flyboarding you can go up 10 meters in air or go speedily underwater.

Hot Air Ballooning 

This is the best way to see the sand dunes and gazelles jumping around and enjoy the sunrise or the sunset. The tour is followed by Breakfast at a Bedouin-style.