Add These Mexico City Neighborhoods to Your List

A city of nearly 9 million people, Mexico City is much more than its historical center and most well-known areas. Latin America’s second-biggest city is a never-ending maze of unique neighborhoods with their own cultures and stories to tell.

If you find yourself on a trip to Mexico City, be sure to make time to explore these three fascinating neighborhoods during your time there. 


Mexico City’s most hip and chic neighborhood just might be Condesa, located a few kilometers south-west of the city’s center. Art Deco buildings and artsy shops stand out in this neighborhood, whose creative influence brims from its lively street corners where the city’s hippest young professionals can be found.


Colonia Juarez has a fascinating history. Once brimming with Mexico’s elite in the early 20th century, the neighborhood was partially abandoned and left in partial disrepair until artists and intellectuals came in the 1960s. This influence is still present, with alternative communities living in harmony beside intellectuals and the city’s main LGBT neighborhood, Zona Rosa.


“Bohemian” is the word to describe this out-of-the-way Mexico City neighborhood, formerly the home of artist Frida Kahlo. Kahlo’s former home, the Casa Azul, is one of the landmarks to be visited in Coyoacan, along with the unexpected Leon Trotsky Museum. This might just be Mexico City’s most unique place.