A Nutella-Themed Pop-Up Hotel Comes to California This January

Ferrero Brands, a company that makes the famous hazelnut/chocolate spread Nutella, will open its first pop-up hotel in January 2020, but getting into it won’t exactly be easy.

Hotella Nutella Will open its doors for just one weekend, on January 10th, 2020. The hotel will be decorated in recognizable Nutella style, with wallpapers, pillows, curtains, and other decor pieces being shaped like Nutella jars.

The hotel will welcome three winners of a big contest and their guests. The winners will get a flight to Napa Valley, and a two night stay at this novelty hotel. During the weekend, they will participate in Nutella-focused activities like cooking and you have a chance to try many different dishes with Nutella.

The contest is open until December 8th. It’s open for all the U.S. residents, without any special requirements. Anyone who wants to participate can submit a 60-second video in which they explain why Ferrero should choose them among all the other candidates.