A 1-Day Visit to Potsdam, Germany

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

Potsdam is the beautiful, picturesque capital of Brandenburg. Just a short train ride from the vibrant capital of Berlin, you will reach a small, romantic city, full of castles and lakes. Here are things you can do there in one day.

Potsdam’s main street, Friedrich-Ebert Strasse, and the small streets that branch off from it offer plenty of luxury shops, restaurants, and cafés. 

From there, you can continue to the main point of interest in the city, Sanssouci Park and Schloss Sanssouci, where the famous Sanssouci palace is located. The palace and the park around it are surrounded by spectacular trees, flowers, and gardens.

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

After that, head over to the Dutch Quarter and see its unique architecture. In the district, there are many shops, cafes, restaurants, and a farmers market where farmers from the area sell fresh and organic goods.

Movie buffs will be happy to visit the Babelsberg district. Potsdam is considered one of the largest film industry centers in Europe. The Babelsberg district houses the Babelsberg Studios, which opened in 1911. In the nearby park, you can enjoy a variety of attractions from the world of cinema that are suitable for the whole family.