3 Most Beautiful Bookstores in Asia

You probably already know that some of the most beautiful bookstores in the world are located in Europe, but did you know about these literary gems located in Asia? If you enjoy architecture, books, and a cozy atmosphere, stay tuned for the most beautiful Asian bookstores.

Zhongshuge Bookstores in China

There are over 20 Zhongshuge bookstores all over China. They were designed by X+Living architecture studio from Shanghai. The most special thing about them is the high ceilings made of glass. Floors in some of the Zhongshuge bookstores are made of black glass which makes everything reflect.

YJY Maike Centre Flagship Bookstore in China

Located in XiAn, the Chinese capital of hi-tech industry and modern development, this flagship bookstore will take your breath away. The goal of the design was to create a place where people, cultures, and books from all over the world can meet.

Wuguan Books in Taiwan

This unique bookstore is an amazing example of modern architecture. Its focus is on the private experience a reader has with a book. Carefully planned lighting accentuates the books and makes them look like they’re floating in the air.