6 Items to Pack for Southeast Asia Recommended By Backpackers

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Travel adapters, bikinis, and beach towels seldom get forgotten when taken inventory for travels ahead. If you’re traveling to Southeast Asia, these bonus items may just save you in your time of need.


A sarong has many uses – and is very light to pack. They are perfect for covering up your body when visiting temples. They also protect your shoulders from the sun and can be used to cool down.

Beach Shoes

Beach shoes will not only protect your feet from sea urchins and other creatures, but they will stop you from burning your feet when you walk across the hot sands. 


Charcoal will help with excess gas, diarrhea and tummy pains.  It’s a great way to ease your transition into Southeast Asia. Consider taking with apple cider vinegar to improve the digestion process.

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Mosi spray

Yes, it seems a little obvious, but protecting yourself from mosquito bites is a vital task in both the day and night. You really do not want your travels ruined by dengue fever. Buying repellants with an effective picaridin or DEET level can be difficult in more rural areas.

Digital Banking

Take the time to invest in a digital banking card.  Compare cards such as Moven and Green Dot to see which one best suits your needs.  Look out for strong currency conversions and notifications on spending so that you can effectively budget for your whole stay.

Sunscreen AND Aftersun

Another obvious one but again, sunscreen is crucial to protection.  Your skin is your largest body organ, so take the time to invest in a good quality sunscreen. Apply every two to four hours and if you do get burned, make sure you have a strong aftersun moisturizer at hand.