5 Tips for Souvenir Shopping on a Budget

Souvenir shopping
Photo by Kate Trysh

Want to bring something for your family and friends from your trip but don’t want to spend too much money? Then, take note of these tips for souvenir shopping on a budget.

Find Free Souvenirs

You can get free souvenirs at almost any location if you know where to look for them. Get some flyers, maps, coasters, or sea shells back with you, and people back home will definitely appreciate the thought.

Set a Budget

Having a budget for souvenirs will help you not go overboard. It will also make you more creative in finding the best combination and deals.

Compare Prices

The prices of the same souvenirs will likely vary depending on the shop. Do your research, compare prices, and then do your shopping at the place that offers the best prices.


There is nothing wrong with some haggling. There is a big markup on the souvenirs, and sellers won’t have an issue giving you a discount just to see the product come off the shelf. This is especially the case if you are buying more items.

Buy Magnets

You want something that is cheap but still has some meaning to it and will be appreciated. The souvenir that checks these boxes is a magnet. They look nice and capture the vibe of the destination, and everybody likes them.