5 Reasons to Visit Great Market Hall While in Budapest

Great Market Hall, Budapest
Thaler Tamas/Wikipedia

Budapest is home to one of the most stunning market halls in all of Europe that you shouldn’t miss for the world while visiting the Hungarian capital. Here are five reasons why Budapest’s Great Market Hall deserves a spot on your bucket list.

Shopping Bonanza

The main reason to visit this beautiful market hall is pretty obvious—it offers one of the best shopping experiences in all of Budapest, selling everything from souvenirs to local crafts.

Local Feel

If you’re a passionate shopaholic, you’ll probably want to visit some of Budapest’s malls and shopping streets, but what sets Central Market Hall is its local feel, with many traditional specialties and local crafts on display.

Foodie’s Paradise

In addition to being home to several eateries’ on its top floor, this market hall is a paradise for passionate foodies since it sells everything from fresh produce, seafood, and meat.

Amazing Architecture

One of Great Market Hall’s biggest draws is the beautiful Art Nouveau building that it’s housed in. It’s equally amazing inside and out and it’s one of Budapest’s major architectural landmarks.

Surrounding Attractions

Central Market Hall is located in close proximity to several Budapest top attractions. It is situated at the end of the famous shopping street Váci utca and you’ll get to see the Liberty bridge as soon as you step outside.