5 Facts About Western Australia’s Smiley Quokkas

Photo by Christine Mendoza on Unsplash

The Australian quokka is notoriously known for being selfie-lovers. Over the last few years, hundreds of photos of the smiley critters have popped up on Instagram. Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about them.

They Are Marsupials

People often mistake quokkas for rodents due to their small size. They are in fact marsupials and belong to the same family as kangaroos.

They Are Native to Western Australia

Quokkas can only be found in Western Australia, typically the Southwest. The best place to see them is on Rottnest Island. They are the only land animal that lives here.

They Have a Pouch

Quokkas have a pouch, just like kangaroos. The babies live in the mother’s pouch for several months after their time in the womb.

They’re Not All Sunshine and Smiles

Although quokkas always appear to be smiling, they are not actually as happy go lucky as people think. They also have some pretty sharp claws so it’s best not to get in their way!

It Is Illegal to Keep Them as Pets

Although they are adorable and are unafraid of humans, it is actually illegal to keep quokkas as pets. This is partly to do with the fact they have such sharp claws and will shriek loudly if they feel threatened.