5 Best Ways to Spend Your Day at Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium
Atomium, Brussels, Belgium. Photo by Fisnik Murtezi on Unsplash

Brussels, Belgium is home to many stunning attractions, and Atomium stands out as one of its timeless symbols. This captivating architectural wonder offers a rich spectrum of experiences worth exploring during your visit, and here are five of the best things you could do while there.

Architectural Marvel

Architecture lovers will feel right at home at Atomium since it’s one of Brussels’ most stunning wonders of modern architecture. The building consists of nine gigantic stainless-steel-clad spheres, but the real magic starts once you step inside.

Sweeping Views

You shouldn’t miss a chance to explore Atomium both inside and out during your visit because its top sphere offers sweeping vistas of the city’s skyline and can serve as an amazing backdrop for your travel photos.

Fine Dining Experience

You can also enjoy amazing views from the top of this building from Atomium Restaurant, which offers an array of Belgian delicacies and seasonal delights.

Top-Notch Exhibitions

Atomium is also worth exploring from the inside because its spheres host many interactive exhibitions, themed around Belgium and this historic building itself.

Surrounding Attractions

Instead of only checking out Atomium while visiting this part of Brussels, make a day trip out of it. Many amazing attractions are located in the vibrant Brussels Expo district, including miniature park Mini-Europe and Parc de Laeken.