4 Unusual McDonald’s Around the World

Image via mcdonaldsroswell/Instagram

Being one of the most famous fast-food chains in the world, McDonald’s is known for having different menus in different parts of the world. It offers travelers a unique chance to eat in a familiar place and also try something new. Here are four of the most unusual McDonald’s around the globe.

Taupo, New Zealand

This is definitely the only location in the world where a part of McDonald’s is located in a decommissioned plane. You can sit inside the plane and eat, and the cockpit is available for viewing as well.

Roswell, New Mexico

Ever wanted to eat in a UFO-shaped restaurant? This McDonald’s got you covered! The interior is decorated in a similar theme and there are also McDonald’s mascots wearing spacesuits everywhere.

Kristiansand in Norway

This McDonald’s is actually located in an old bank and offers a surreal dining experience. You can see the original main doors but can’t enter through them; the entrance for customers is at the side of the building.

Piteå, Sweden

In 2002, McDonald’s opened the first drive-thru restaurant for people on snowmobiles in Sweden. Visitors are stunned by the row of snowmobiles that often forms in front of the restaurant, but it’s a usual scene in Piteå.