Amazon River near Manaus, Brazil. Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash

Whether you’re cruising past the fairy tale castles of the Rhine, the Indian backwaters or the Amazonian jungles, these river cruises from around the world will take you to the hidden, wild places that you could never find by car.

Kerala, Southern India

This river cruise takes you drifting through southern India’s backwaters in a rice barge. Experience authentic fishing villages, bracing walks and tiger-spotting.

Nile, Egypt

Experience the thrilling charm of Egypt’s ancient waters. You can set off from Luxor in a classic small cruise ship or even in an Agatha-Christie-style steamship as you explore ancient temples and the luscious river banks.

Rhine, Germany

The busiest waterway in Europe, the Rhine affords the most varied views on the continent. Ranging from battlefields and baroque palaces to medieval castles and winter Christmas markets, a river cruise along the Rhine will prove to be a magical fairy tale experience all year round.

Amazon, South America

You can cruise the largest river in the world in Brazil or in Peru. Peru offers shallow waters and mountainous sights while Brazil takes you through the dense buzzing wildlife of the rainforest.