4 of the Best Cities in the USA for Tattoos

Photo by Dylan Sauerwein on Unsplash

Traveling is hugely popular with all kinds of people. This exciting experience has such a wide range of attractive features, meaning that there is likely to be an aspect of traveling that appeals to everyone. A big factor for many people is enjoying the culture and art scene of different places, and for some people the best way to engage with this it through the art of tattoos. If you’re a lover of tattoos and enjoy traveling, then the USA has some of the best tattoo scenes across the world. Here are just a few of the best cities to head to for tattoos. 

Miami, Florida

This sunny city has a huge amount of tattoo parlors and some super famous artists residing there, including the tattooists from TLC’s Miami Ink

Portland, Oregon

This city is well-known for its arts and alternative scene, and the tattoo artists residing here are a great example of this. You can find some unique and creative parlors here offering some world-class ink. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Nicknamed ‘Sin City’ it’s not surprising that this party city is popular with tattoo lovers. This buzzing metropolis hosts some of the biggest tattoo conventions each year.

Austin, Texas

This city has a large proportion of young people in the population and a big artistic scene. Tattoo parlors here are popular and host some incredible artists.