3 Unusual Museums You Can Only Find in Boston

Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

Boston has many pretty amazing museums in store, but some of them are so strange you probably won’t get to see them anywhere else. We’re bringing you three truly unusual museums from the capital of Massachusetts.

Museum of Bad Art

This unusual museum, housed in the Somerville Theatre, includes a series of pieces of “art too bad to be ignored” and its main mission is to celebrate the labor of the artists who wouldn’t have been recognized nor appreciated otherwise.

Warren Anatomical Museum

If you’re interested in medicine, you should definitely check out this museum during your visit to Harvard University. It features some truly rare and peculiar sights related to the medical field.

Museum of Modern Renaissance

This museum located in Somerville is one of the city’s best-hidden gems, and it deserves your time if you’re a fan of colorful, over-the-top art. It’s filled with vibrant murals that you have to look at up close to notice all the tiny and mythical details they feature.