3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Japan

Mount Fiji.
Fujiyoshida, Japan. Photo by David Edelstein on Unsplash.

Japan is an exciting country due to it’s incredibly rich history and culture. It’s known for its mixture of traditional and modern, with amazing nature and delicious food completing the effect. Here are some interesting facts about Japan you probably didn’t know.

Most Populated City

With 38 million people, Tokyo is the most populated metropolitan area in the world. This includes the city and the area around it, with the city itself having over 9 million people living in it. 

Most Vending Machines

There is a vending machine for everything in Japan. In fact, there are around 5.5 million of them – that’s one for 50 people. What can you buy from those vending machines? Pretty much everything, from food and drinks to books, clothes, umbrellas, and many other things you’d never think of.

No Shoes Rule

In Japan, it’s seen as rude to wear shoes inside. Nobody wants to get dirt from the outside with shoes, and it’s common to see an area at the entrance that’s devoted to taking off the shoes. You can take off the shoes there and leave them facing the front door. The host will often give you slippers you can wear while you’re inside.