3 Things You Can Only See in New Zealand

New Zealand, a remote country located in the southeasternmost corner of the world map, is as far away as it is unique. This volcanic island country has all kinds of attractions for tourists that can’t be seen anywhere else.

So, what are some of these singularly New Zealander things that you can find here and nowhere else? Let’s check them out!

Maori Culture

The indigenous people of New Zealand, known as the Maori, still live on today and have a culture that is still very present in the country. Sample Maori food, see a Maori dance performance, or check out some of the many whakairo, or carvings, that can be seen throughout the country.

A Hobbit House

Did you know that The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films were partially shot on New Zealand’s North Island? A family farm near Hinuera contains a landscape that was used as the set for the Shire in these movies and the Hobbit houses constructed for the films can still be visited to this day.

Kiwi Birds

New Zealand has all kinds of endemic fauna and flora, and none is more famous and popular than the kiwi bird. Numerous national parks on both the North and South Island remain as habitats for this endangered flightless bird and you can also see them at the Auckland Zoo.