3 Things To Do in Bergen, Norway

Floyen, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Floyen, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Photo by Pixabay

Bergen is a fabulous city that can sometimes get neglected in favor of Oslo. Located right on the coast and further to the north than Norway’s capital, there is a wealth of things to see and explore in this Arctic city. Check out these top recommendations, and see if you can resist booking your next trip to explore this amazing place and its stunning natural surroundings.

Visit The Bryggen World Heritage Site

The Hanseatic Wharf area of Bergen, as well as its medieval streets leading to the center of the city, are now designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in recognition of the uniqueness and rare status of these streets. Not only are they historically valuable, they are also incredibly beautiful, especially at sunset or sunrise. Take a guided tour around the area or simply explore it by yourself on foot, either option is very rewarding.

Hike a Mountain

Bergen is set amongst some truly stunning scenery, and just out of the city, there are several mountain peaks to climb. There is a funicular railway up to Mount Fløyen, one of the peaks within sight of the city, or if you’re up for the walk then the hike to the top of the mountain from Bergen takes around five hours. There are stunning views at the top, so it’s all worth it.

Taste The Local Delicacies

Bergen is a UNESCO city of gastronomy, and there are some truly unique and fabulous Norwegian delicacies that you need to try when you’re visiting. As well as the classic smoked salmon, there are pickled herring, dried cod, flatbreads, and an array of pickles and salads to taste.