Why Spring is the Best Time to Visit Naples

Naples, Campania, Italy.
Naples, Campania, Italy. Photo by brokenadmiral_ from Pexels

Naples is a stunning city and often comes near the top of many people’s ‘must-see’ list. Within the Bay of Naples, you have the city itself, as well as the famous towns and archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. There is also the stunning resort town of Sorrento to visit, and further afield is the famed Amalfi coast with its world-famous views. There are therefore loads of reasons to visit Naples, but it is a good idea to plan when you go. This article will explain why spring is the best season to visit this Italian city.

Calmer Crowds

Naples is loud and bustling at the best of times, but the arrival of summer visitors can make the city uncomfortably crowded. Visiting in spring means that you will get to experience all of the vivacity that this city is famous for, without the overwhelming business. If you’re looking to visit Pompeii or Herculaneum, it’s also worth bearing in mind that these sites can get unbelievably busy during the peak seasons, whereas in spring you will be able to wander around at your own pace without feeling rushed.

Cooler Climes

Due to its location in the southern section of Italy, Naples, and its surroundings can get incredibly hot in the peak summer months. You can avoid this discomfort by visiting between March and May—the weather should be warm enough to spend all day outside if you wish, without needing to seek shelter every half an hour.

Seasonal Produce

Although you may miss some of the fruit and vegetable produce that’s available in the summer season, you will still be able to enjoy a huge range of fresh Italian produce during the spring months. Seek out fresh asparagus, dishes containing artichoke (of which there are many in Naples), baby broad beans, and young carrots from the local markets, or dine out on spectacularly fresh pasta and pizza dishes for which the city is known.