3 Secrets of the Pyramids of Giza

The Giza pyramids.
The Giza pyramids. Photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash

The Pyramids of Giza are one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in the world. The highlight of any trip to Egypt, visiting these pyramids is an experience that you won’t soon forget thanks to the incredible history and amazing architecture that they feature. Before you visit, get familiar with the three biggest secrets of this incredible place in order to be more familiar with its magic.

How They Were Built is Still a Mystery

Believe it or not, no one is exactly sure how the Ancient Egyptians managed to build something like the pyramids before construction machines and modern techniques were available. Their massive size, geometrical symmetry, and complex system of tunnels and passages blow the mind.

They Were Used to Tell Time

The pyramids were built with the idea that they would also help tell time. The orientation of the sun related to the Great Pyramid makes the shadow fall on certain lines on the structure of the pyramid, making it an important tool for time-telling back in ancient times.

They’re Super Accessible from Cairo

While most pictures of the Pyramids of Giza might lead you to believe that they are located in the desert in the middle of nowhere, that isn’t the case! In fact, they are just minutes away from the capital of Cairo and its suburb of Giza, making them easily accessible.