3 Secret Spots in Sydney, Australia You Have to Visit

3 hidden spots in Sydney, Australia.
Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

When you think of Sydney, the largest city in Australia, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and beaches probably come to mind. While these attractions shouldn’t be missed, don’t overlook smaller sports hidden around the city. Make sure you don’t miss these three not as touristy secret spots when visiting Sydney.

Mortuary Station

From the outside, Mortuary Station looks like a Victorian cottage, but hidden beneath its gothic exterior is a haunting secret. Built in 1869, Mortuary Station, also known as Regent Street Station, houses Sydney’s residents who’ve passed on and are on their way to Rockwood Cemetery. Over the years it’s been a parcel dispatch station, a dog and horse loading bay, and a pancake restaurant. Today they offer after-dark tours that are sure to give you the creeps.

Footpath of Fame

You may have visited Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre that has a footpath with the handprints of the biggest stars in the industry, but did you know Sydney has something similar? The Footpath of Fame dates back to 1983 and it has those from the entertainment, politics, sports industries. There are even some make-believe stars like Big Bird and Santa Claus.

Queenscliff Tunnel

Chiseled by industrious fishermen over a century ago, this 40-meter tunnel that connects the Queenscliff and Freshwater beaches is a hidden gem and you won’t find signposts or boardwalks to help you get there. The picturesque views of Freshwater beach are well worth the visit.