3 Reasons to Visit Iceland

Iceland. Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Iceland is a hugely popular travel destination for people worldwide. An island far from the rest of Europe and Scandinavia, it’s unique and breathtaking. Whether you’re into nature and the great outdoors or prefer to gain new insights into different cultures, there will be something there to please everyone. Here are just three reasons to visit. 

The Northern Lights

These incredible natural phenomena are something that most people would love the opportunity to see. Iceland is one of the best places around the world to spot these stunning glowing streaks through the sky, due to its location in the Arctic Circle. 


The capital of Iceland is a great city to spend some time in. There is a vast range of museums and stunning buildings, as well as some exciting cuisine to try. The views of the surrounding hills make for the perfect backdrop while exploring this exciting city.

Rugged Landscapes

A huge draw for tourists is the stunning, wild scenery of Iceland. Known for immense volcanoes and mountains, impressive glaciers, and hot springs. There are all sorts of ways to immerse yourself in the beautiful natural world there, whether you enjoy hiking, whale watching, or swimming in a peaceful lagoon.