3 Places to Visit in the Golan Heights

Golan heights, Israel. Photo by Aviv Ben Or on Unsplash

Israel is a great tourist destination thanks to its history, culture, and close proximity to Jordan and Egypt. While most people divide their time between sunny the Tel Aviv and the historical Jerusalem, here are 3 reasons to head up north to the Golan Heights for different experiences.

Mt. Hermon

Home to the only place to ski in Israel, this mountain forms parts of the border of Israel, Syria, and Lebanon. Not only is it a strategic mountain for all 3 countries, but it is also quite beautiful, especially in the winter. Its snow-covered peak can be seen from afar, and you can take the ski lift up for some hot chocolate and incredible views of Northern Israel.

Banias Nature Reserve

Located not too far from Mt. Hermon, the Banias Nature Reserve is one of the nicest places to hike in Israel. The Banias River flows all year round, but the best time to visit is in the winter when the beautiful, clear water is flowing fast from all the rain. Banias Falls is the biggest waterfall in the country, and there are many hikes to chose from for all types of distances and difficulties.

Majdal Shams

The Golan Heights has 4 Druze villages, with Majdal Shams being the biggest. Located in the foothills of the Hermon, it is a great place to stop after the Banias Reserve or on the way to Mt. Hermon. Due to its high altitude and wetter climate, some of the best fruits in Israel are grown here. In addition, the village is filled with great Middle Eastern food such as hummus and falafel, or the more traditional meal of “Druze pita”, fresh pita with spices and yogurt.