3 Places Perfect For Social Distancing

With the weather getting nicer and our travel plans canceled due to the coronavirus, taking a trip make seem out of the question, but you can still enjoy places while social distancing. These places include deserts and remote islands and they’re the perfect escape during this pandemic.

Solar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Bolivia’s salt flat is one of the most deserted in the world and it happens to look like a frosted mirror. During some times of the year, the salt-crust-carpeted dried-up lake is flooded by a shallow layer of water that creates a beautiful optical illusion and the water turns the plain into a mirror that reflects everything around it.

The Skeleton Coast, Nambia

This ghostly stretch of sand on Nambia’s northern coast is between the Kunene River and Ugab River. It’s full of whale bones, abandoned mines, and the shipwreck of those who tried to cross the waters. You won’t be totally isolated here as wildlife has made it their home and you’ll probably see black rhinos, lions, giraffes, and desert elephants.

The Outback, Australia

Australia’s Outback is so big that no one actually knows how big it is. It appears never-ending and there’s plenty of space in the sunny land to keep your social distancing. There’s a lot to do here as you can find stories in the Aboriginal skeleton art on the ochre rocks, explore wildlife like crocodiles or kangaroos, watch amazing sunsets, or star gaze.