3 Perfect UK Spots for Sunsets

London, UK
London, UK. Photo by Marcus Lenk on Unsplash

Sunsets are one of the best times of the day. The sky can change into thousands of different colors, and the last glimpse of the sun on the horizon always feels like a special ritual. Certain areas are better than others for a good view, so here are just three from around the UK that are sure to please.

Oban, Scotland

Known as the gateway to the Isles, Oban is a bright town on the west coast of Scotland. It’s a great town to explore and is a great base to visit nearby spots from too. Standing along the beach looking out to islands such as Kerrera and Mull, you’ll see the beautiful sunset in the sky all around. 

The Lizard Peninsular, Cornwall

The most southerly point of mainland UK is also incredibly wild and rugged, and the ideal spot to immerse yourself in nature to enjoy the beautiful sunset. From the land jutting out into the sea, you’ll get lovely sweeping views to the west of the sun setting on the horizon of the sea. 

Holyhead, Wales

Another area of land jutting out into the sea, this lovely port town is ideally located to enjoy some beautiful evening views of the sun and the sea. With the charming Holyhead Mountain bursting into the skyline from many angles, you won’t get bored of the serene views.