3 of the Coolest Themed Bars in San Francisco, California

3 unique bars in San Francisco, California.
Photo by Umer Sayyam on Unsplash

While San Francisco is mostly known for the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Alcatraz, the Californian city also has a unique nightlife scene. There are tons of unique themed bars that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are three that you must visit when in “The Golden City”.


This bar is just the right bit trashy and it will remind you of your sleazy college days. The menu is full of microwave meals and greasy, deep-fried treats that fit in perfectly with the bar’s name. If you’re looking for something healthier, you can always order a cocktail with grape and strawberry soda.

Radio Habana Social Club

The decor at this Cuban restaurant and bar is so over the top. You’ll find everything from Barbie doll body parts and mannequin heads to old posters and portraits hanging from the walls and ceilings. This bar is equal parts eclectic and wacky.

Pagan Idol

Pagan Idol, a tiki-themed bar, has a vast drink menu and they’re served from festive glasses topped with edible flowers, plantain chips, and flaming marshmallows. The bar has tiki huts, a volcano that erupts with smoke and lights, and nautical-themed decor.