3 Best European Mini-Breaks For Spring

Haarlem, Netherlands
Haarlem, Netherlands. Photo by Dmitrii Eliuseev on Unsplash

Visiting Europe doesn’t always have to take a whole summer and involve visits to five different countries. If you want to celebrate the arrival of spring, what better way than by booking a mini-break to a destination where you can really enjoy the season? From romantic city stays to rural retreats, Europe has the perfect spring destination for you.

Paris, France

Once the chaos and excitement of fashion week has subsided, the French capital settles into a lovely, relaxed spring swing. The weather should just be warm enough to sip an espresso or a spritz outside, and you can enjoy Seine-side strolls without the summer crowds.

Oviedo, Spain

This small settlement on the northern coast of Spain is a foodie’s dream destination. From warm, comforting Asturias stews to the freshest sea food imaginable, Oviedo offers a wealth of flavors and textures to experience. It is also quiet and relaxed in the spring, so you can enjoy some peace and solitude.

Haarlem, Netherlands

This small city is situated just half an hour’s train journey from Amsterdam, but it is much more relaxed and gentle in its tempos. Seek out some of the fantastic art in one of its many museums, or take a trip out to view the nearby tulip fields where the stunning blooms grow.