3 Must-Visit Independent Bookstores in New York City

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

New York City has some of the best stores in the world, but what we love the most are the independent bookstores spread around the city. Here are some of our favorites and there are so many others worth mentioning; let’s just say it wasn’t easy making this list.


Rizzoli is one of the best independent bookstores in the country and it’s located in the heart of Manhattan. You’ll love its cozy vibe and the fact that it features a bar where you can order a drink to enjoy over a book.

Books are Magic

There’s one gorgeous bookstore in Brooklyn where you can browse six floors of all kinds of editions you can think of. Many New Yorkers appreciate this store and go there when they need to find a new independent author book, a poetry journal, something for their kids, and many more.

Word Up

Word Up is a special bookstore located in Washington Heights where volunteers give their time and love to promote reading and language learning. Here you can find books in various languages that cover many different topics, so there’s truly something for everyone.