3 Biggest Shopping Malls in North America

Photo by Pascale Amez on Unsplash

Winter is in full bloom and makes many outdoor activities quite difficult. For those who don’t like shopping, shopping malls can be quite a boring or tiring experience. Some malls make the shopping experience quite different, as they come with an array of food, activities, and experiences making it a worthwhile trip for everyone. Here are North America’s 3 biggest malls that will change your shopping experience:

West Edmonton Mall

Not only is this the biggest mall in North America, but it is also the 5th biggest in the world. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, the cold and dark winters make this the perfect city for a mall of this size. 2 hotels, a waterpark, Galaxyland, and an ice palace, are just some of the more than 800 stores and venues there are on site. It is also home to the world’s biggest parking lot with space for 20,000 vehicles!

Mall of America

As the name suggests, Mall of America is the biggest mall in the United States. This mall is also located in a cold part of the country (Bloomington, Minnesota) and owned by the same owners as the West Edmonton Mall. MOA, as it is sometimes called, has more than 500 venues including Nickelodeon Universe – a 7-acre indoor amusement park. 40 million people visit MOA a year, more than 8 times the population of the state of Minnesota!

King of Prussia Mall

Before Mall of America’s expansion in 2015, King of Prussia Mall was the biggest in America in terms of square footage (2,793,200 square feet!). Built in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in 1963, King of Prussia has far outlived most shopping malls built in that time period. By keeping the old-style experience, combined with new luxury shopping, KOP has continued to be the biggest and most primary shopping mall of the East Coast.