3 Best Dive Sites in the Red Sea

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

The Red Sea is known as one of the best places to dive in the world. The high salt content in the water combined with the year-long mild water temperatures gives it a unique environment for coral, fish, and other marine species. With warm temperatures even in the winter, it attracts divers all months of the year.

1) Thistlegorm

Near Sharm el-Sheikh, You will need multiple sessions in order to fully experience this dive ranked as a top-5 in the world. In 1941, a 340-foot British vessel was sunk while carrying a cargo of war supplies including motorcycles, train carriages, and trucks. Seeing full vehicles preserved from World War II overgrown with beautiful coral and rare fish is an incredible experience!

2) Shark and Yolanda Reef

Its close proximity to Sharm El Sheikh makes this dive very popular. Good chances that you will see sharks, tuna, and other large marine animals. Another wreck, named after the freighter Yolanda, features among other things a large collection of toilets and the captain’s BMW. Lionfish, stingray, and eels line the ship, and the combination of wreck dive, two beautiful reefs, and rare animals make this dive almost unreal!

3) Brother Islands

These islands, which are part of Egypt’s nationally preserved marine park, are harder to access and much more isolated. Silvertips and grey reef sharks are frequently spotted here, and sometimes divers catch a glimpse of the rare hammerhead shark. The underground formation of the islands makes for a vertical wall lined with beautiful coral.