3 Advantages to Staying at Bed and Breakfasts

Staying at a bed and breakfast
Photo by Natanja Grün on Unsplash

When traveling, many of us tend to stay at hotels or Airbnbs since they’re the most widely available and publicized options. However, bed and breakfasts are often the best choice for a memorable and unique stay that will make your travels truly special.

Here are three reasons why you should consider opting for a bed and breakfast on your next trip!

A More Personal Experience

Bed and breakfasts are generally run by couples or a single person, and this makes for a truly personal and special experience. Instead of not seeing your Airbnb host or going through dozens of hotel staff, you’ll form a personal connection with passionate people who can help enhance your travels.

Tasty Food

Another great part about staying at bed and breakfasts is that they always include breakfasts, and sometimes other meals, which are generally delicious and prepared with love. You don’t have to worry about making breakfast or eating boring hotel food when staying at one.


Bed and breakfasts are generally located in calm, rural environments that allow you to find peace and serenity while traveling. Instead of being located in a bustling urban environment, you can connect with nature and a different side of the place you’re visiting while staying at a B&B.